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Security Fencing Near Vacaville, CA

When it comes to securing your property, nothing provides peace of mind like a professionally installed security fence.

With customized fencing solutions for homes, businesses, and other properties, Fencing Vacaville CA has over 10 years of experience helping clients choose the right fencing to meet their unique needs and budget.

From privacy fencing to perimeter security fencing and access control, our security fencing services enhance safety, deter intruders, and provide privacy.

We carry a full range of fencing materials from wood, vinyl, aluminum, chain link to ornamental iron. Our security fence installation experts can advise you on the best fencing options for your goals.

With us, you can have confidence knowing your property is securely enclosed with long-lasting, quality fencing installed by our experienced crews.

We handle the entire fencing project from start to finish, including permitting. As a licensed and insured fencing contractor, we follow industry best practices for secure and lasting fence installations.

Contact us today to request a free security fencing quote! We serve all of Vacaville and surrounding Solano County with expertise, quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service.

Process We Follow for Security Fencing

When you choose us for your security fencing project, you can expect a smooth process from start to finish. Here is what working with our team looks like:

Initial Consultation and Quoting

The process starts when our fencing experts meet with you at your property for a consultation. We will discuss your goals, explore fencing ideas, take measurements, and provide a detailed, written quote for your review. Our quotes outline the recommended fencing products, installation pricing, and project timeline.

Fence Product Selection

Once you decide to move forward, we will help you select your fencing materials including the fence style, height, color, and other product specs that meet your preferences. We offer a wide selection of security fencing products for you to choose from.


If permitting is required for your security fencing project, we will handle the permitting process for you start to finish in order to comply with local building codes and regulations.

Installation Preparation

Before installation day, we prepare the site by marking utilities, clearing fences lines, and removing old fencing if necessary. Materials are delivered and staged onsite to maximize efficiency.

Professional Fence Installation

Our experienced fencing crews will arrive on your scheduled installation day ready to start. We take care to protect your property as we dig post holes, set posts, and build your new security fence section by section until complete. The project foreman will be onsite to oversee the entire process.

Gate Installation

If your security fencing includes gates, we will properly install your gate products on sturdy gate posts for smooth operation. The gates will be aligned, leveled, and tested for proper latching and locking.

Clean Up and Quality Inspection

After installation, we will haul away debris, clean the site, and perform a final quality inspection of the fence with you. Our work is not done until you are 100% satisfied with your new security fence.

Ongoing Fence Maintenance

Proper maintenance is key to getting the most out of your security fence investment. We offer security fence maintenance and repairs to keep your fence in top condition over the years.

With this streamlined process, our team delivers professional, quality security fencing installations suited to enhance the safety of your residential or commercial property. We make the fencing process smooth and stress-free!

Cost of Security Fencing in Vacaville, CA

The cost of installing a new security fence depends on several factors:

  • Fence material (wood, chain link, iron, etc)
  • Fencing height and length
  • Gate quantity, styles, and sizes
  • Terrain and soil conditions
  • Permitting fees
  • Special access controls or operators

Our experts provide customized security fencing quotes based on your unique project specifications after an on-site evaluation. Pricing is determined by the linear footage of fencing needed, materials, and labor. Typical price ranges:

  • Wood privacy fence – $25-$35 per linear ft installed
  • Chain link security fence – $20-$25 per linear ft installed
  • Ornamental iron fence – $70+ per linear ft installed
  • Automated gates – $3,000-$5,000 per gate

Keep in mind pricing can vary based on fence height, difficult terrain, and additional accessories like barbed wire. We have installed security fencing packages for as low as $3,000 up to over $20,000 for large commercial projects.

For an exact price quote tailored to your specific project requirements, give us a call today!

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With over 10 years of experience, our skilled team handles projects of all sizes with ease. We stay current on the latest fencing styles, materials and techniques.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing. After consulting with you, we create a tailored recommendation to enhance your property.

Quality Materials

Only the best woods, metals, and other materials make it into our fencing. We use materials known for durability, low-maintenance, and visual appeal.

Professional Installation

Our in-house team neatly installs your new fence with care and precision. We clean up the area when done and provide any needed post-install support.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness and safety are our top concerns. We remain committed to your satisfaction from first consultation to final walkthrough.


Our competitive rates make professional fencing available to homes and businesses across Vacaville. Call us for upfront pricing with no hidden fees.

FAQs About Security Fencing in Vacaville, CA

What are the most secure styles of fencing?

Some of the most secure fencing options include tall privacy fences over 6 feet, reinforced chain link fencing, ornamental iron fencing, and electrified fencing with barbed wire. The optimal security fence depends on your specific needs.

How can I enhance security and privacy?

Using solid fencing materials without gaps, adding barbed wire, installing automated gates, and using concealed fence post fasteners increases privacy and security. Planting hedges inside or outside the fence also deters intruders.

Do fences require a permit in Vacaville?

Generally, fences over 6 feet in height require a permit from the city building department. Certain commercial security fences also require permitting regardless of height. Our team handles permitting for you.

What do you recommend for pet containment?

We recommend traditional privacy fencing or chain link fencing for pet containment. Chain link is very secure for pets but lacks privacy. For both, we recommend a minimum height of 6 feet with 1-inch spacing between pickets.

Can you match my existing fence?

Absolutely. We can install new security fencing that matches or complements your current fence style, colors, and dimensions. Just provide us with photos and specs.

How long does installation take?

Most standard security fence installations take 1-3 days depending on the length and terrain. More complex projects with gates, operator systems or site issues can take longer. We provide a project timeline estimate after assessing your property.

When is the best time of year for installation?

Spring and summer are ideal for fencing projects before the ground freezes. However, we can install year-round as long as the ground is not frozen or saturated. Give us a call!

How long will my fence last?

With proper installation and maintenance, most security fences will last 10-15 years or longer. Wood and vinyl last 10-15 years, while chain link and ornamental iron can last 15-25 years.

Should I stain or seal my wood fence?

Yes! We recommend applying water sealant or fence stain right after installation and re-applying every 1-2 years. This protects the wood and significantly increases the lifespan.

What maintenance is required?

We recommend an annual fence inspection to check for needed repairs, damage, or holes. Also re-seal, stain, or paint wood fences when needed per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Gates should be lubricated annually.


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