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Farm and Agricultural Fencing Near Vacaville, CA

Installing quality fencing on your farm or agricultural property provides security, protects your livestock and crops, and clearly defines property boundaries.

With over 10 years of experience, our expert team specializes in installing customized agricultural fencing solutions for farms of all sizes in Vacaville, CA and surrounding areas.

Unlike regular residential fencing, farm and agricultural fencing requires robust materials and professional installation to withstand the demands of rural properties.

Our agricultural fencing stands up to livestock, machinery, and harsh weather while keeping unwanted animals out. We use strong yet flexible materials like wood, vinyl, and welded wire that are long-lasting, low maintenance, and safe for animals.

At Fencing Vacaville CA, we start every farm and agricultural fencing project with a site evaluation and consultation to understand your unique needs. Do you need perimeter fencing to secure the boundaries?

Internal fencing to section off grazing pastures? Or specialized fencing for poultry, swine and more? Our experts will recommend the right fencing type, materials and layout for your property.

We handle the entire process from permitting and materials sourcing to full installation or do-it-yourself assistance.

Our team works efficiently to minimize disruption to your daily operations. All our agricultural fencing solutions are customized, code-compliant, and backed by industry-leading warranties.

For optimal safety, value and longevity, trust the agricultural fencing professionals. Our tailored solutions will suit your specific requirements and stand the test of time. Contact us today for a complimentary quote!

Process We Follow for Farm and Agricultural Fencing

Installing customized farm and agricultural fencing requires careful planning and execution. Here is an overview of our process:

Initial Consultation

The first step is a thorough site evaluation and consultation. We’ll walk your property to inspect the landscape and discuss your specific requirements.

What areas need securing? What types of livestock or crops will the fencing contain? Do you need security against predators? Machinery access gates? We’ll factor in the size of your property, placement of existing structures, and future plans.

Our team will also identify any restrictions, permits requirements and zoning regulations that apply. Clear communication ensures we understand your goals for safety, aesthetics, budget and functionality. By evaluating your property and operations in detail, we can recommend the optimal fencing solutions.

Customized Design

After the initial consultation, we will create a customized fencing design tailored to your farm or agricultural property.

The design will outline the perimeter and internal fencing configuration, placement of access gates, and any cross-fencing required to portion off specific areas. We optimize the fencing layout for easy access, maximum pasture usage, and logical paddock divisions based on natural features and terrain.

Our team will recommend appropriate fencing materials and hardware to suit each application on your property. This may include wood, PVC vinyl, welded wire, woven wire, high tensile wire and more. Gates and accessories are selected for durability, functionality and compliance with relevant zoning and fencing codes.

We will prepare a detailed proposal complete with a site map, material specifications, project timeline and itemized pricing. This allows you to visualize the completed project and gives you the opportunity to request any modifications before work begins.

Permitting and Preparation

After you approve the design proposal, we will obtain any necessary permits for the agricultural fencing installation. We can submit all paperwork and liaise with local authorities on your behalf to ensure a smooth permitting process.

Our team will also survey your property boundaries if needed and prepare the installation site. This involves clearing brush, grading terrain, and marking fence post positioning. Prepping the site in advance allows our crew to complete the fencing installation efficiently over consecutive days.

Material Sourcing and Delivery

We source all the required fencing materials customized to your specifications. This includes posts, wire, mesh, gates, hardware and accessories selected to suit your property layout and functional needs. Sourcing quality commercial grade materials through our trusted suppliers ensures your new agricultural fencing will meet safety and longevity expectations.

All materials are delivered onsite and organized to keep the project moving smoothly. Our crews perform thoroughcounts beforehand so all necessary components are on hand when needed.


Installation is performed by our skilled fencing crews with extensive agricultural experience. We dig precise post holes, set end, corner and gate posts in concrete, tightly stretch wires and meshes, and properly attach gates and hardware.

For full turnkey service, we handle the entire installation process so your farm operations are not disrupted. Alternatively, we can provide DIY assistance for customers who wish to self-install – our crew will guide you through proper techniques and safety protocols.

Throughout the installation, we ensure:

  • Post spacing and hole depth conform to specifications
  • Posts are aligned properly for optimal wire tension
  • Brace assemblies are installed securely on corner and gate posts
  • Wires and meshes are stretched tight without overstressing
  • Gates swing freely and latch properly into catches
  • All hardware and accessories are attached correctly

Our crews will walk the fence line with you for inspection upon completion. We also provide post-installation support if you have any issues or need repairs in future.

For qualified do-it-yourselfers, our [fencing installation guide]((insert blog link)) gives helpful tips. We also offer customizable fencing installation kits with all materials and hardware needed for DIY projects.

Cleanup and Waste Removal

As the final step, we will clean up the entire site by removing all excess materials, debris and waste. Work areas will be smoothed out and restored to original condition.

We ensure responsible disposal of all waste. Our crews are trained in jobsite best practices to minimize environmental impact. We can also provide waste removal certificates for your records.

Our goal is to deliver a fully-installed agricultural fence ready for use while leaving your property tidy. Let us handle the hassle so you can get back to your daily operations quickly.

Cost of Farm and Agricultural Fencing in Vacaville, CA

The cost of installing agricultural fencing depends on factors like:

  • Perimeter length and terrain
  • Types of materials and hardware
  • Specialized internal fencing needs
  • permitting costs
  • Gate quantity and sizes

With so many variables, it’s impossible to give an average cost estimate that applies broadly.

We provide transparent, upfront pricing after visiting your property for an accurate assessment. Our quotes account for all materials, labor, site prep, permitting, installation, and disposal fees.

There are no hidden charges – the price we quote is the final price you pay. Even complex projects with challenging logistics are quoted honestly and competitively.

For ballpark figures, small farm perimeter fencing can start around $4,500. Larger properties with internal divisions can range from $8,000 to $20,000+. Livestock paddocks, field fencing and poultry runs add additional costs.

To learn exactly how much your agricultural fencing project will cost, contact us for a complimentary on-site assessment and no-obligation quote today.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With over 10 years of experience, our skilled team handles projects of all sizes with ease. We stay current on the latest fencing styles, materials and techniques.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing. After consulting with you, we create a tailored recommendation to enhance your property.

Quality Materials

Only the best woods, metals, and other materials make it into our fencing. We use materials known for durability, low-maintenance, and visual appeal.

Professional Installation

Our in-house team neatly installs your new fence with care and precision. We clean up the area when done and provide any needed post-install support.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness and safety are our top concerns. We remain committed to your satisfaction from first consultation to final walkthrough.


Our competitive rates make professional fencing available to homes and businesses across Vacaville. Call us for upfront pricing with no hidden fees.

FAQs About Farm and Agricultural Fencing in Vacaville, CA

What types of fencing do you install for farms and agriculture?

Our most common agricultural fencing solutions include wood, vinyl, no-climb horse fencing, welded wire, woven wire, deer fencing and high tensile wire. We recommend the optimal types and layouts for your specific property during our site consultation.

How long does the installation process take?

Most small to mid-size projects take 2-4 days depending on length. Larger perimeter and cross-fencing projects can take 4-7+ days. We stage materials and work efficiently to minimize downtime to your operations.

What kind of gates do you provide?

We install single, double and even extra-wide gates customized to your needs. Gate styles include tube, welded, paddock panels, deer gates and more, with matching hardware. Automatic openers can also be added.

Is agricultural fencing more expensive than residential?

Yes, agricultural fences require stronger materials and professional installation to contain large livestock and withstand heavy use. But our pricing is cost-competitive for the quality provided.

Can your crew install fences on uneven or hilly terrain?

Definitely. Our crews have experience adapting fence lines to challenging topography. We use techniques like floating wires along contours to maintain optimal tension.

Do you pull permits and handle paperwork?

Absolutely. We submit all permit applications and manage approvals, so you avoid bureaucratic hassles. We’re well versed in zoning laws and ag fencing codes too.

What maintenance is required after installation?

We use long-lasting, low-maintenance materials. But periodic checks for damage, tension and treatments will maximize lifespan. Your final quote includes a maintenance guideline.

How long do materials last in Agricultural fencing?

With proper installation and maintenance, quality wood and vinyl can last 15-25 years. High tensile wire, woven wire and welded wire last 10-15+ years. Gates have a 10-15 year lifespan.

Can I DIY my agricultural fencing?

We recommend professional installation for safety and durability. But we provide customizable DIY-assistance if desired – guidance, plans, materials and support.

What forms of payment do you accept?

For your convenience we accept checks, cash, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and can discuss financing options if needed.


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