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Fence Repair Near Vacaville, CA

Is your fence falling apart, leaning over, or full of holes and cracks? Don’t replace your entire fence if it just needs a few repairs!

Our professional fencing contractors specialize in quality fence repair and maintenance services for residential and commercial clients throughout Vacaville, CA.

With over 10 years of experience, we have the skills and expertise to properly diagnose and fix any issue with your wood, vinyl, chain link, aluminum or other fencing material.

We’ll assess the damage, determine what needs to be repaired or replaced, and take care of it promptly and affordably.

Unlike other contractors who try to sell you a whole new fence when you just need a few boards replaced, our fence repair technicians will only do the necessary work to get your fence back in shape and within your budget.

We’ll replace any broken or rotting pickets, posts, and rails, reinforce weak or wobbly sections, mend holes in the mesh, fix sagging or detached gates, and more.

Our reliable fence repairs can add years of life back to your existing fence. We use weather-resistant materials and advanced techniques to ensure the highest quality work that will last.

Your repaired fence will look great, function properly, and continue enhancing your property value and security.

Don’t put up with an unsightly, unsafe fence any longer. Let the trusted professionals make the necessary repairs so you can enjoy your fence again!

Process We Follow for Fence Repair

At Fencing Vacaville CA, we take a strategic approach to properly repair your fence. Here is an overview of our fence repair process:

Inspection and Assessment

The first step our fence repair technicians will take is a thorough inspection of your entire fence line. We’ll look at each section and component of the fence to locate any issues that need addressed. This allows us to see what is currently damaged as well as identify any weak spots that may become problematic down the road.

During the inspection, we assess the overall condition and functionality of the fence. We determine what needs repaired versus fully replaced. Our goal is to keep your repair costs low by only replacing pieces that cannot be salvaged.


Next, we will provide a detailed consultation to discuss our findings and recommended repairs. This is your chance to point out any problem areas we may have missed and ask any questions.

We will outline which sections, posts, and hardware we will need to repair or replace. We’ll go over types of materials, colors, and hardware. Our fence experts will explain every detail of the project so you know exactly what to expect.

Preparing the Work Area

Before starting the actual repair work, we’ll make sure to properly prepare the area around your fence. This involves clearing at least a 3 ft perimeter on each side and marking underground utilities.

Proper prep work keeps our crew safe, protects your lawn and landscaping, and provides sufficient room for materials and tools needed to complete the job. We take steps to prevent damage throughout the duration of the project.

Replacing Pickets, Boards, Posts, and Rails

The repair work begins by replacing any fence pickets, boards, posts and rails that are too damaged to salvage. We remove the broken components and debris to prepare for the new pieces.

For wood fences, we only replace the necessary pickets or boards with matching wood to keep a cohesive look. For chain link, we mend holes in the mesh using metal zip ties or vinyl patches. Metal post caps and rails are swapped out as needed.

Rotted wood posts get replaced with pressure-treated posts set in concrete footings. We properly space and align posts and install new rails across for stability.

Reinforcing Weak Sections

Sections of your fence that are leaning, loose or wobbly will get reinforced as part of the repair. We inspect for loose hardware, detachments, weak or shifting posts, and soil issues causing the problems.

Once we determine the cause, we’ll shore up weak spots using various methods. This may include re-securing loose pickets or railings, resetting shifted posts, tamping soil around posts, or adding bracing or fence post anchors.

Repairing Gates and Hardware

Another key part of fence repair is fixing any issues with gates and hardware. We’ll tighten loose hinges, replace broken latches, adjust sagging gates, and ensure gates open/close smoothly and securely.

Repairing or replacing hardware components like gate hinges, latch assemblies, guide rollers, and closer mechanisms are often quick fixes that make a big difference in how well your gates function.

Structural Reinforcements

For fences needing more significant structural repairs, we use advanced techniques to reinforce and permanently stabilize damaged sections:

  • Sistering – Adding a duplicate post next to a rotting post for support.
  • Post bracing – Installing galvanized metal or wood bracing between posts for added strength.
  • Panel bracing – Attaching bracing across picket panels to prevent future sagging/bowing.
  • Fence post anchors – Helical anchors wound into the ground provide anchoring support and prevent future shifting/leaning.

Clean-Up and Haul Away

Once the fence repairs are complete, we’ll do a final inspection before cleaning up the entire area. We haul away all old materials and debris, leaving your property looking neat and tidy again.


Customer satisfaction and quality workmanship is our top priority. We welcome you to inspect the finished repairs. If any issues come up in the future, we’re happy to quickly correct them under our industry-leading warranty.

Our professional fence experts take great pride in the repair work we provide. Let us restore your aging fence to proper working order with our hassle-free fence repair services.

Cost of Fence Repair in Vacaville, CA

The cost of repairing your fence depends on several factors:

  • Type of fencing material – Wood, chain link, vinyl, aluminum etc.
  • Amount of linear feet needing repair
  • Number of posts, boards, pickets requiring replacement
  • Accessibility and terrain around the fence site
  • Type of repair work needed – Pickets, posts, rails, gate issues etc.
  • Whether structural reinforcement is necessary – bracing, anchors etc.
  • Disposal fees for hauling away old materials

With so many variables, it’s impossible to provide exact fence repair costs without an inspection. Minor repairs typically run $3-$8 per linear foot. More extensive repairs requiring replacements and structural work could be $15-$25 per linear foot.

Once we assess your specific fence and scope of work, we will provide a detailed written estimate outlining exactly what is needed and the full costs. There are never any surprises or hidden fees.

We offer affordable pricing with flexible options. Minor repairs can often be completed in just a day. We work diligently to restore your fence as quickly as possible while keeping disruption minimal.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


With over 10 years of experience, our skilled team handles projects of all sizes with ease. We stay current on the latest fencing styles, materials and techniques.


We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all fencing. After consulting with you, we create a tailored recommendation to enhance your property.

Quality Materials

Only the best woods, metals, and other materials make it into our fencing. We use materials known for durability, low-maintenance, and visual appeal.

Professional Installation

Our in-house team neatly installs your new fence with care and precision. We clean up the area when done and provide any needed post-install support.

Customer Satisfaction

Your happiness and safety are our top concerns. We remain committed to your satisfaction from first consultation to final walkthrough.


Our competitive rates make professional fencing available to homes and businesses across Vacaville. Call us for upfront pricing with no hidden fees.

FAQs About Fence Repair in Vacaville, CA

What are signs I need my fence repaired?

Some common signs your fence needs repaired include loose/wobbly pickets, posts or gates, rotting or cracked wood, holes/tears in fabric, peeling paint or finish, rusting hardware, and leaning/falling sections. Addressing issues promptly can prevent further deterioration.

How long do fence repairs take?

Minor repairs may only take a few hours while more significant repairs could take 1-2 days. We schedule fence repair projects efficiently so your life isn’t disrupted.

Do you have to replace the whole fence when making repairs?

Not at all! In fact, we avoid replacing entire sections whenever possible. Our repair experts can replace just the damaged pickets, boards, rails etc.

Can you match my existing fencing?

Absolutely! We take care to match your original materials, styles, colors, and dimensions when making repairs. This maintains a seamless, consistent look.

Do repairs permanently fix my fence?

Our repairs are meant to permanently restore your fence using proper methods and weather-resistant materials. But fences still require periodic maintenance.

How soon can you start on repairs?

We’re able to dispatch crews promptly for most projects. Emergency repairs can often be handled same or next day.

Will fence repair work require permits?

Permits are not usually needed for basic maintenance and repairs. We handle any required permitting for more complex repair projects.

Can I DIY fence repairs?

While smaller repairs are possible, extensive repairs involving replacements and structural work require professional skills, tools and materials.

How can I extend the life of my fence?

Regular cleaning, sealing or staining, clearing debris from the fence line, checking for wear/damage, and calling us at the first sign of issues will all help prolong your fence.

What is your warranty on fence repairs?

We offer a minimum 1-year warranty on labor for all repairs and will replace any failed materials for the duration of their individual manufacturer warranties.


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