Roadways of Vacaville, California

Vacaville, California is a city located in Solano County in the northern part of the state. With a population of over 100,000 residents, Vacaville has an extensive network of roads and highways to accommodate all the vehicle traffic in the region. This article provides an overview of the major roadways in Vacaville.

Interstate Highways

Interstate 80

Interstate 80 (I-80) is the major east-west interstate highway that runs through Vacaville. I-80 connects Vacaville to other cities in the San Francisco Bay Area and Northern California, as well as across the country all the way to New Jersey.

Some key facts about I-80 in Vacaville:

  • Runs in an east-west direction through the southern part of the city.
  • Main interstate link between Vacaville and other Bay Area cities like San Francisco, Oakland and Sacramento.
  • Major local exits include I-80 at Peabody Road, Allison Drive, Leisure Town Road, and I-505.
  • Serves as a vital transportation route for Solano County residents commuting to the Bay Area for jobs.
  • Sees high volumes of daily traffic, over 100,000 vehicles per day in some sections.
  • Part of the California Freeway and Expressway System and the National Highway System.

Interstate 505

I-505 is a spur route off I-80 that provides direct access from Vacaville to I-5 and bypass routes to Sacramento.

Key facts on I-505:

  • Runs in a north-south direction on the west side of Vacaville.
  • Connects I-80 in Vacaville to I-5 near Dunnigan.
  • Major exits in Vacaville include Midway Road, Vaca Valley Parkway, Cherry Glen Road.
  • Forms part of California’s portion of the proposed Interstate 780.
  • Sees over 54,000 vehicles daily near Vacaville.
  • Provides an alternate route to I-5, avoiding traffic through Sacramento.

U.S. Routes

U.S. Route 50

U.S. Route 50 (US 50) is an important east-west highway that runs through Vacaville. Here are some key details on US 50:

  • Also known as Elmira Road within Vacaville city limits.
  • Extends from West Sacramento through downtown Vacaville and towards Fairfield and Interstate 80.
  • Main exits in Vacaville include Orange Drive, Alamo Drive, Browns Valley Road.
  • Daily traffic volumes over 30,000 vehicles in Vacaville.
  • Part of the California Freeway and Expressway System.
  • Connects Vacaville to Sacramento and South Lake Tahoe to the east.

State Routes

State Route 113

State Route 113 (SR 113) is a state highway that connects Vacaville to Davis and Woodland.

  • Known as Merchant Street in Vacaville.
  • Runs in a north-south direction between I-80 in Vacaville to I-5 near Woodland.
  • Passes through rural areas and farmland between Vacaville and Woodland.
  • Provides access to University of California, Davis.
  • Sees traffic volumes ranging from 9,000 to 19,000 vehicles daily.

Major Arterial Streets

Some of the main arterial streets in Vacaville include:

Vaca Valley Parkway

  • East-west arterial stretching from I-505 to I-80.
  • Runs parallel to I-80 south of downtown.
  • Connects central Vacaville neighborhoods and business districts.
  • Traffic volumes around 20,000 vehicles per day.

Peabody Road

  • North-south arterial road from Fairfield to Vacaville city center.
  • Changes name to Browns Valley Road south of Alamo Drive.
  • Major connection from I-80 to downtown Vacaville.
  • Sees over 20,000 vehicles daily near I-80.

Monte Vista Avenue

  • North-south arterial in western Vacaville.
  • Stretches from Elmira Road to Vanden Road.
  • Main roadway through residential neighborhoods.
  • Daily traffic over 10,000 vehicles.

Alamo Drive

  • East-west arterial spanning from Peabody Road to I-80.
  • Passes The Streets shopping center.
  • Connects to several highways like I-80, Route 50, and Peabody Road.
  • Traffic volumes around 25,000 vehicles per day.

Merchant Street

  • North-south road through downtown Vacaville.
  • Changes name to SR 113 south of Monte Vista Ave.
  • Main downtown thoroughfare with businesses and government offices.
  • Sees 9,000-12,000 vehicles daily.

Leisure Town Road

  • East-west arterial connecting I-80 to Leisure Town retirement community.
  • Passes Kaiser Permanente Hospital and Solano Community College.
  • Joins Allison Drive on west side of city.
  • Daily traffic volumes of 15,000-20,000 vehicles.

Other Major Streets

Some other notable streets in Vacaville’s road network:

  • Nut Tree Road – Runs parallel to I-80 on north side. Passes Nut Tree Airport.
  • Hawkins Road – Connector from Peabody to Vaca Valley Parkway.
  • E Monte Vista Avenue – Residential street from Alamo to Browns Valley.
  • Fry Road – Route from Monte Vista Avenue to I-505.
  • Elmira Road – Business route parallel to I-80.
  • Midway Road – Connector from Peabody to I-505.
  • Vanden Road – Major street on northwest side of Vacaville.


Vacaville has several main bridges for crossing highways, railways, and waterways:

  • I-80 overpasses at Peabody, Allison, and Vaca Valley Parkway.
  • Ulatis Creek Bridge on Alamo Drive.
  • Bridge over Union Pacific railroad on Monte Vista Ave.
  • Peabody Road bridge over Alamo Creek.
  • Bridges on I-505 overpass roads like Midway and Vaca Valley Parkway.

Highways Connecting to Vacaville

Some of the main highways you can access from Vacaville’s road network:

  • I-80 West – To San Francisco, Oakland and the Bay Bridge.
  • I-80 East – To Sacramento, Reno, and points east.
  • I-505 North – To I-5, Woodland, and Redding.
  • I-505 South – To Napa Valley, San Francisco North Bay.
  • SR 113 North – To UC Davis, Woodland.
  • SR 113 South – To Fairfield, Rio Vista.
  • US 50 East – To Sacramento, South Lake Tahoe.
  • US 50 West – To Vallejo, San Rafael.

History of Vacaville Roadways

Vacaville was founded in 1852 and originally had a limited road system focused around early farms and ranches. As the city grew in the late 1800s, early dirt roads like Monte Vista Avenue, Mason Street, and Davis Street were built. Paving of major streets began in the 1920s.

Key developments in Vacaville’s transportation history:

  • 1932 – Route 50 (Elmira Road) paved through Vacaville, spurring growth.
  • 1950s – Interstate 80 and Ulatis Creek freeway built near Vacaville.
  • 1960s – Interstate 505 completed from I-5 to I-80.
  • 1970s – Vaca Valley Parkway constructed as new east-west arterial.
  • 2000s – SR 113 bypass finished, directing through traffic around downtown.

As Vacaville expanded to over 100,000 residents in the late 1900s, road infrastructure expanded to keep pace with commuting needs and access to I-80 and I-505. Future road projects focus on adding lanes, improving interchanges, and reducing congestion on major routes.

Transit Infrastructure

In addition to its road network, Vacaville has public transit infrastructure for bus and rail services:

Vacaville City Coach

  • Operates 8 local bus lines in Vacaville.
  • Connects neighborhoods to downtown transit center.
  • Partners with Fairfield and Suisun Transit to provide regional routes.

Greyhound Lines

  • Offers intercity bus service from Downtown Vacaville station.
  • Provides connections to Sacramento, San Francisco, Los Angeles.


  • Passenger rail service available at Fairfield-Vacaville station.
  • Part of Capitol Corridor line with service to Sacramento and Oakland.

Nut Tree Airport

  • Public airport 3 miles from downtown Vacaville.
  • Operates local flights to destinations in California.

This overview covers the major roadways and transportation infrastructure serving Vacaville, CA. The city’s strategic location along I-80 and I-505 has fueled growth, and its roads facilitate regional travel and connect residents to job centers throughout Northern California. Ongoing improvements aim to boost mobility and strengthen Vacaville’s transportation network.


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  • Take I-80 E from SF. After 55 mi, take exit 43A to I-505 N. Drive 15 mi, take exit 29 to Vaca Valley Pkwy. Turn right, go 3.5 mi. Turn left on Leisure Town Rd, destination on right after 0.9 mi.
  • From SF, take I-80 E. After 1 hr, take exit 43A to I-505 N. Go 15 mi, take exit 29 to Vaca Valley Pkwy. Turn right, go 3.5 mi. Turn left on Leisure Town Rd, destination 0.9 mi on right.
  • From SF on I-80 E, drive 55 mi. Take exit 43A to I-505 N. After 15 mi take exit 29 to Vaca Valley Pkwy. Turn right, go 3.5 mi. Turn left on Leisure Town Rd, drive 0.9 mi, destination on right.